Replacing Damaged Auto Windshields In New Vehicles With Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

18 July 2022
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Since 2018, all new vehicles are required by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to have advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to help reduce motor vehicle accidents. However, auto glass that is cracked or chipped can cause the delicate components of the ADAS to become inoperable. Here's what you need to know if your vehicle has ADAS and your windshield is damaged in any way. 

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems & Auto Glass Windshields 

The advanced driver assistance systems utilize cameras, radar sensors, and lidar sensors to perform various safety functions, including the implementation of collision warning detection, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking. There are also rain sensors and adaptive headlights to assist drivers in navigating roadways by automating many basic features that are part of driving.

The sensors for these systems are directly behind the windshields, mostly where the rearview mirror is located. The systems rely on an intact and damage-free windshield in order to function effectively and properly. If the glass of the windshield is damaged in any way, no matter how small, the systems may fail and cause the systems in the vehicle to be inoperable until an auto glass replacement is done. 

Auto Glass Replacement Requires Calibration of the ADAS

To regain the ability for the ADAS to function properly, the auto glass windshield will need to be replaced entirely instead of repaired as one may be able to do in an older vehicle that only has a slight crack or minor damage to the glass. The glass replacement will need to come from the original equipment manufacturer rather than from an aftermarket manufacturer for the safest remedy to the problem. 

After the glass is replaced, the mobile windshield repair service will need to calibrate the ADAS to ensure that the systems will function as they are designed to function. Because of this, you'll need to find an ADAS-calibration-capable windshield repair service if your vehicle has an ADAS so you can be assured that they know how to disengage and disconnect the components of the ADAS when they replace the windshield. 

Keep in mind that many auto glass replacement services do provide mobile replacement of auto glass and windshields, which is fine for ADAS vehicles as well but only if the ADAS is disabled before driving the vehicle. However, the ADAS system will still need to be calibrated in the shop where the calibration equipment is located before the ADAS system can be used again while driving. 

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